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User Information
User Name DarkCobra
User ID 48423
User Level -2: Banned
Account Created 10/04/2000

DarkCobra is one of the most infamous users in GameFAQs history. Throughout his activity from 2000 to 2003, his character has been interpreted as annoying or even misunderstood.

DarkCobra became somewhat infamous on the board Life, the Universe, and Everything for his religious rants. He would post topics talking about how horrible Christianity was and basically go on a rant. His topics would often hit 100+ posts no problem and religous flamewars would break out. This was during the period of 2001 where Life, the Universe, and Everything was famous for its religious debates. DarkCobra was an outspoken member of the atheist side who really annoyed many religious people on LUE with what they felt were religious flames rather than arguments. A common criticism of DarkCobra was that he did little but loudly complain about relatively minor incidents in his life.

Around the summer of 2002, DarkCobra's mother allegedly found out about his activities on LUE and grounded him from the computer. He spent the summer posting occasionally behind her back before arriving back in the fall in full force. It was at this point in time he really started to anger everyone he came into contact with. He annoyed the moderators to no end with his horrible contests and inability to see why he got modded. His religious rants became so bitter many people refused to back him up (he attacked agnostics and Shamanism, for example). What really enraged everyone beyond belief was his constant cries for help and advice. When people would help him out he would get irritated and flame them for not giving "decent advice".

DarkCobra circa 2002

It all came to a crashing conclusion on March 4th, 2003 when an event known as "Black LUEsday" occured. At this time the social boards were a mess with people whining about unfair moderations and a ton of antimosity towards the mod staff. What first occured was tealmarie (a respected female LUE vet) got suspended for invading the Pokemon board during a Truth-or-Dare topic. At the same time gostevie got suspended for making a topic calling for Dutch LUEsers to unite. DarkCobra decided at this time it was time to call it quits. He posted a graphic account suicide on LUE on his main and a couple alts. The main story he posted depicted CJayC as a drunken wife-beater, Shadotak as a slut and wallywest80 as Goatse. The climax was a massive orgy involving all the users, moderators and administrators DarkCobra made enemies with over the years. This caused a massive chain reaction causing well over a dozen people to account suicide in one dramatic night for LUE. LUEsers were celebrating all night for DarkCobra's long-deserved banning while some others felt a LUE icon was lost for good. DarkCobra has been seen on other sites (such as SomethingAwful and the History of LUE site when it was up). He hasn't come back to GameFAQs since Black LUEsday and according to him: he never will.


  • DarkCobra's Something Awful account was Perma-banned by Lowtax in January, 2006. A Perma-ban is equivalent to GameFAQ's 'KOS' status.