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This is a list of GameFAQs Browser Extensions for various browsers that can be used to increase the GameFAQs browsing experience. Not all of these extensions were written with GameFAQs in mind, but they are still quite effective.

Mozilla Firefox Extensions

- Please note that extensions with (Outdated) listed next to them, will not work with the new GameFAQs. Although some Outdated extensions may work, they won't be nearly as effective as newer versions of them.


Main article: AdBlock

This extensions allows you to block ads, including those found on GameFAQs. To block GameFAQs ads, block all items that begin with ""


This extension eliminates the need to press "Page 2... Page 3..." by showing everything as a long list.


Main article: Cursify

This extension allows users to post a code version of banned words, and then have them automatically "uncoded" and revealed in their full glory. Users without the extension installed will see the code form or a series of asterisk. Use of this extension is considered a violation of the TOS.

There is a Greasemonkey script called Uncensor GameFAQs which does the same thing as Cursify, but is allowed by the staff. Instead of posting a coded version of a banned word, the script "guesses" what a a word that is censored with asterisks is supposed to represent based on the context around the censored word. It was published on Janruary 5, 2009 by TheAmazingOne.

GameFAQs Toolbar

Originally created and developed by Michael Dorman. Taken over by Anatoly Ivanov (aka xyzman) and Ramiz Qureshi (aka ramizq1). This toolbar makes all the social, special interest, site, and regional boards on the site just a mouse click away. It also links to the general boards of the largest systems, as well as to the "Browse by Alpha" and "Browse by Genre" pages for those systems. Providing quick access to the important site pages and equipped with the ability to search game boards and using board numbers, users can save valuable time in navigation.


Main article: GameFOX

This extension adds many features to the GameFAQs boards, including quickposting, user highlighting and blacklisting, and topic tagging.

Note that the WhiteFyre version of GameFOX will no longer work with the new GameFAQs code.


This simple extension simply makes all links written out in text form clickable. Since that feature is woefully lacking on GameFAQs, this extension is quite convenient.

Text to Image

This extension replaces all links to pictures with the pictures themselves, so you never have to leave GameFAQs to view pictures.


Greasemonkey is a skeleton program that can be used to run user-made JavaScripts.


Converts video text links into an imbed video within the webpage youare viewing. (Example: Viewing a posted YouTube video directly within the topic)

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