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SBAllen participated in the GameFAQs Interview series. Their Interview can be found here.
User Information
User Name SBAllen
User ID 21
User Level 60: Administrator
Account Created 11/08/1999
AKA Sailor Bacon

SBAllen, previously Sailor Bacon, is the administrator of GameFAQs. SBAllen has been on GameFAQs since Day 1 and holds user ID 21 to show for it. He was originally selected as a moderator in the 2nd batch, and he was promoted from moderator status to administrator on 8/16/2004. He changed his name to SBAllen around the time CJayC announced his departure from GameFAQs, when his real name was revealed as "Allen Tyner" by CJayC. Like CJayC, SBAllen's duties include reviewing user contributions, administrating the forums, and answering incoming feedback requests. He has been a more active poster than CJayC had been on the boards, and he occasionally posts witty comments to unsuspecting users on Message Board Help.

At least one user has impersonated SBAllen on AIM, harassing other users while doing so.

SBAllen is or was active in the administration of many other sites - among these Anime Lyrics, where he was a lead administrator for many years.

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